Round tablelamp base

Σχέδιο εφαρμογές kp lights bronze

DESIGN  3 D spare parts for chandeliers mostly from bronze and other materials. This project begins for a home entrance so i make it a base for table lamp



3D design

My inspire was this front page from a book i find with title ΑΡΧΙΤΕΚΤΟΝΙΚΕΣ ΕΦΑΡΜΟΓΕΣ this image saw me a different way to make spare parts and give them best form simple arcs and more details so i decide make a base with shape and details from this image. Is not the first time someone doing something like this see for example furniture with designs from  ancient Greece temples this image have so many details and i don’t know from where i begin.

For the moment i start with this i don’t know to the future if i can make a video or a canvas with more design details 3D options. I design with a awesome software BOB CAD CAM is unbelievable what i can do with this tool try it for your self and see it in action


This is a design I don’t finish it yet I search the way to give more realistic details.Another reason I don’t finish it is that I make 10 more drawings for chandelier spare parts.

This project give me a lot of work to do  is a creative process I gather all this and I think that already help me to my work there is so many applications that you can do. If you think simple and know what work you want to do you going to have very good result


I think this is a good start for smart design

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